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Lenco Heating & Air Conditioning Inc will match your home comfort needs to the ideal solutions, partnering the most innovative technology from York with the highest quality workmanship. For expert installation, service and furnace repair in Los Angeles, CA call Lenco at (310) 473-2580.

Furnace Repair in Los Angeles

You & your family rely on your heater to keep you comfortable during the winter. If your home doesn't have the proper heating system or if your equipment breaks down, it can get uncomfortable. At Lenco offers heating service and furnace repair in Los Angeles, CA with everything from maintenance and repair to replacement. Whether you need a brand new system or a minor furnace repair on your existing system, we are here to help. We fix all brands.

Furnace Installation

It takes a lot of knowledge and experience to correctly design. One of the most important elements is the size of the equipment. One simple mistake, like units too big or too small for the space, can lead to ongoing problems with wear and tear, and energy efficiency. Lenco will make sure that you get the right product, for your heating needs.

Maintaining Your Heating System

Heating systems are quite delicate with many parts that need to be regularly cleaned and maintained, even the new and improved units. What this means is that scheduling regular maintenance is a worthwhile investment that will save you on repairs and replacements in the long run. Our HVAC technicians can come to your home on a specified schedule, typically once or twice a year, to ensure your system is working properly. At this time, we can determine if any small repairs are necessary and take care of them.


I have got to say that I think these guys are excellent. After having a bad experience with two 'repair guys', Lenco sent the greatest service engineer, Frank who was prompt, courteous and knowledgeable. The other two guys wanted to sell and install a new thermostat without even looking at the heater. Frank, on the other hand, went and looked at the heater, determined it an entirely different issue and he tried to sell me NOTHING. I asked how I could improve heat retention in my 100 year old bungalow, Frank assessed the ducts below the house, shot photos on his phone and said that only two or three of the 8 ducts needed attention, but that the rest were fine. He promised to have an estimate to me after the long holiday weekend. I could not have asked for better and more honest service.

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