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A Word to our Customers Regarding COVID-19

To our Fellow Americans

We have faced many trials and challenges throughout our Nations History. This COVID-19 virus will be no different. we will face it with Strength, Courage Perseverance, Compassion for all. We will not cower away from this one. We will band together as Americans and defeat this Virus and come out a stronger Nation and People. Check on your Neighbors, Help the Elderly and Disabled. Give to the Poor and Homeless and together we will be Victorious. Most of AlI Hug your Family and tell them you LOVE them.

Serving You During This Time

Rest assured Lenco Air has your Health and Safety as our Main concern when we visit your home. Our Installers and Technicians have been trained in the latest and most up to date Practices on the COVID19 Virus. We will enter your home with fresh clean booties, Clean Gloves and Face Mask for your protection and that of our Employees. We will cover Furniture with new plastic drop clothes and lay down fresh clean cloth or canvass drop clothes on the floor in areas where a installation is to take place. Upon Completion we will use Sanitizing wipes to clean the areas that have been worked in.

Stay Safe and Vigilant,

Lenco Air Conditioning
Terry Lee Taylor, President
Jose Miguel Alvarado, Vice President
Lenco Air Conditioning Service Inc.

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