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Residential HVAC Contractor in Los Angeles, CA

Residential HVAC has evolved over the years to involve much more than mere temperature control. Now homeowners have a suite of options for indoor comfort control including whole home humidity, zoning, remote access thermostats, air purification and more!

Lenco Heating & Air Conditioning is a Los Angeles, CA air conditioning contractor dedicated to enhancing the level of indoor comfort control for our California residential customers.

With Lenco Heating & Air Conditioning you get a Los Angeles, CA residential HVAC contractor who understands that your requirements are truly unique. We don't just sell you a piece of equipment or rattle off answers without taking your needs into account. Lenco Heating & Air Conditioning technicians provide recommendations specific to your home for cost effective and efficient air conditioning, heating and indoor air quality options resulting in a healthier, more comfortable home!

Commercial HVAC Contractor in Los Angeles, CA

Your business relies on an economical and robust solution that will provide reliable performance and high operating efficiency. We understand the demands of commercial HVAC applications, and have the technical experience required to provide you with superior design build and installation services. Additionally, we are backed by York®, a company based on technical innovation and business relations in the market place.

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Heat or AC, these guys rock!

I was referred to Lenco by two seperate friends of mine, one an architect, the other a contractor. The whole team is great. Terry writes out clear estimates and the installers are punctual, clean and lay down canvas tarps to avoid damaging carpet or floors. When it got to hot from my Grandma who lives in the valley, I referred Lenco with out hesitiation. It was a large, 3 day job and she was so pleased with the whole team.

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